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How do the Bonus Stage characters enjoy the holidays? If I told you the answer... well, you'd probably still watch. Actually, you can probably guess the answer right now. Ask me if you need a hint.
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Episode 5
Aired December 19, 2003
Places Phil's Living Room
The Goat Cave
The Cliff, Treelor's Lair
Characters RD and DG
Rusty Duck Clan
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Transcript Edit

{Christmas-esque opening credits roll. Joel is wearing a red cap insteaed of a blue one, and when it shows all the characters, it is snowing}

{Joel and Phil are standing by a Christmas tree. The caption on the bottom of the screen says "Christmas 1999"}

PHIL: Did you get me a present?


{The caption now says "Christmas 2000"}

PHIL: Did you get me a present?


{The same thing continues with the captions going up one year each time, and the wallpaper changing color, up until Christmas 2002}

PHIL: {Obviously peeved} It's time for some generic Christmas revenge!

{Camera change to zoom-in on Joel, obviously not in the house}

JOEL: Now, Elly. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

{Camera change to Elly hanging in a cage dangling over a pit of fire}

JOEL: Now, you may not understand it now, but soon you shall.

ELLY: Um, where're you going? Where am I anyway? The goat's cave?

{Camera pan to the Rusty Duck Clan on a cliff}

RUSTY DUCK CLAN MEMBER: Now, your mission is to save Santa Claus.

DOUG: Well, where is he? I don't see him.

RDC MEMBER: Uh, right down there is good. You have 10 minutes.

DOUG: Well, I don't know. That jump is kind of...intimidating.

RDC MEMBER: Look, if you jump, angels will carry you down. I mean, that's what Satan said to Jesus, and Jesus? He's the reason for the season.

{Zoom-in on Doug's face}

DOUG: Well, okay. I guess I'll do it.

{Camera pan to the Rusty Duck Clan member}

RDC MEMBER: Good luck, soldier. Uhh, a brief...flash of pain is...normal.

{Camera pan to Phil in a dark area. There are trees in the background}

PHIL: Uuuh, is this the place where I buy Christmas trees? ...Helloooo?

{Camera change to Treelor. The background is now red}

TREELOR: You fool! You have entered the lair of Treelor, god of Christmas!


PHIL: What is that, a cult?

TREELOR: You mock Ornamentalism, our sacred religion?

PHIL: Yes. I do.

TREELOR: Than you may not have a tree.

PHIL: Okay. {turns and starts walking away}

TREELOR: W-w-wait. First you must pass three tests. The Test of the Agile.

{Camera change to a sign with a person running}

TREELOR: Can you evade the falling rocks in a troubling cave about to collapse?

{The sign changes to a guy with a sword fighting a little girl}

TREELOR: The Test of the Brave. Can you defeat the mighty Fraggles of Fraggle Rock?

{Sign changes to a half note, a quarter note, and two eighth notes}

TREELOR: The Test of Music Theory. This is an optional test.

{Sign change once again to a block puzzle with a cat-looking design in the middle}

TREELOR: The Test of the Wise. Dare you solve the demon Picross puzzle?

{Camera change back to Phil}

TREELOR: Well? Are you prepared?

PHIL: Uh, no. F{Bleep}k that. {walks away}

TREELOR: I'm so lonely.

{CG shot of the house}

{Cut to inside the house.}

JOEL: Merry Christmas, Phil.

PHIL: Yyyyeaaahhhh.

JOEL: So, Phil, what'd you get me?

{Camera change to Phil, pointing}


JOEL: {Off-screen} Okay.

{Phil gets mad}

{Camera change to show Phil and Joel in the same pose as the beginning}

PHIL: Didja get me a present?


{End credits roll}

Fun Facts Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Original draft had a Kokor scene instead of Treelor
  • First to have a CG shot of house, as the original High Score series did.
  • First appearance of Elly, the Rusty Duck Clan, and Treelor.
    • Elly's hair is shorter than usual.
  • Like many Season One & Two episodes, the Credits music was originally a piece of music from Shed Some Skin by Slow Gherkin. It was later replaced by a similar piece of music called Total Soundalike, created by Matt Wilson's own "band" Robot Sock.
  • This episode was originally preceded by a RD & DG skit. Here's a transcript of their wacky antics:

{We open with a still of ToonZone, with a subtitle beneath it reading "Toon Zone - Tuesday, 2010". From there, we fade to two figures, RD (wearing green instead of red) and DG (wearing a Santa hat), standing in a lab, with Christmas lights in the background.}

DG: I hope you enjoy this gift!

RD: Um, I don't... I don't see anything.

DG: It is the gift of looove!

RD: Okay.

{Zoom in on DG.}

DG: Now give me money!

Real World ReferencesEdit

  • Treelor's second test is a reference to an old children's TV show, Fraggle Rock. The Fraggles were Muppets that lived on the rock and got into all sorts of mischief.

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