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Super Human is a Flash-Based animated Web Comic created by Henry B. and Ben K.


Electron/Jake ColesEdit


Portrait image of Electron

Electron is a electricity powered fifteen year old. He is headstrong and a good leader. His powers develop during puberty. His best friend is Danny/Pyron. His costume is yellow, with blue googles under his mask similar to Terra from the Teen Titans animated series. Electron's mask has another hole that exposes his mouth and nose. The only other detail on his suit is his symbol on his chest, which is a solid black circle with a lightning bolt through it. Whilst waiting for his costume material, Jake wore jeans, yellow trainers, a yellow top with the noted symbol on it and a rag with eyes torn out for a mask.

Pyron/Danny RobinsonEdit


Pyron's look from the animated series

Pyron has the ability to generate and manipulate fire. He gains his powers after being exposed a gas fire whilst soaked in a quantum sponge named Autorphyll. He wears a red costume with orange sleeves and black gloves and boots. He also wears a utility belt similar to Robin's utility belt. His symbol is a solid black simple volcano drawing with a small steam puff coming from the top. His mask is similar to Electron's, only red and sans the goggles. Pyron dons a simple costume that consists of a red tracksuit with said symbol and a red hat pulled down with eyeholes whilst waiting for his costume.



Whirlwind is a petty-thief-turned-supervillan through use of the E-drug, which gives people random powers. Whirlwind was granted the ability to generate, manipulate and transform into Tornadoes. He is the first villan encountered by Electron and Pyron. He wears black and gray body armour.


A one-time cat-burgular was given powers with the E-drug and now has cat-like agility. He wears an all-black costume.

Sea SerpentEdit

Sea Serpent is over one thousand years old, and is responsible for the Loch Ness Monster sightings. He can transform between human and Sea Serpent at will, and it is unknown how he got his powers. He has been transforming less and less over the years due to scientists, but has now started to go hostile. Jake and Danny encounter him whilst on holiday.


Savage has all the powers of the two heroes. He is mostly secret due to being in the finale.

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