Biography Edit

Tim is Brad's older, gay transvestite brother who goes by the name of Serenade. He seems to think he's Sailor Moon (or at least wants to be) and usually dresses accordingly. Nobody likes him, but he seems to have a creepy attraction to Phil. He once asked him to "consummate their relationship". Phil doesn't feel the same way. Joel insists that he's their favorite character, but is likely lying.

Tim has only appeared thrice, which just happened to be his last three appearences, while not wearing women's clothes, in Fibbing, Slim's Choice and The Day The World Did Stuff. He is never mentioned by name, but his look is remarkably similar to Serenade so it is generally accepted that this is the real Tim. According to Serenade, Tim is "her" boyfriend, because he gets girls all the time.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Incidently, the name refers to "Serena", the dub name for Sailor Moon's protagonist. Elsewhere, her name is Usagi or "Bunny".

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