The research facility on Planet Hydrox was discovered by Phil, in an attempt to find supplies after the eShip crashed and the Bonus Stage gang was left stranded there. As they explored the seemingly abandoned facility, they found ample oxygen, supplies, and a group of Hydrox's natural inhabitants, the SeaPeople. After a brief battle between Joel and a SeaPerson, Jessica suggested that they should work together. Essentially, the facility became the primary setting for most of season 6.

According to Cassidy, the facility seemed to get bigger every episode. The facility featured a Retard Room, a Rec Room, a Disconnected Parody Room, a Cheap Laughs Room, and a Staircase Room (which lead to an Subterranean Hydroxian Temple). Several hallways served as Prison Cells when KOKOR and The Stomach King invaded the planet.

In The Day The World Did Stuff, it was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Hydrox.

Appearances Edit

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