Pixel Rings (currently known as sammich cat) is a collection of totally random toons. The toons are divided into series in folders

Running gags Edit

The robot Edit

The gigantic robot makes a huge scary noise and mostly does that before eating a person. The robot is available mostly red, although also appeared as green. It was defeated by Choppy in Choppy's restaurant.

South Main Street Edit

South main street and There is evil on South Main Street is one of the most reccurring running gags, which evil is allways there. It is the only place in The adventures of boy and robot that has a name.

Toons Edit

Sitcom Edit

Sitcom is a flash series including Tommy and Bobby. The sitcom episodes begin from Episode #388.

The adventures of boy and robot Edit

The adventures of boy and robot is a flash containing only one episode, although there are two episodes, the previous episode is hidden and the current is known as episode 1. The show includes a boy in a green shirt, grey pants and green hat and his friend the robot, who is brown. The robot mostly answers with Beep, boop or such in a deep voice. Inspector moustache and various other random characters are included.

Defender of the supermart Edit

Defender of the supermart is a 4-episode flash series including a man (or boy) protecting the supermart.

Choppy's restaurant Edit

Choppy's restaurant is a flash series including Mr. Choppy and his owned restaurant. The restaurant is placed in an unknown universe for Mr. Choppy, Mr. Waiter and various costumers are alien-like creatures. Choppy likes to chop everybody.

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