Phil's house is the main setting for most of High Score, but has a different design than it does in Bonus Stage.

In Bonus Stage, it was used in pretty much every episode up until Evil destroyed it with the HateBender, in Evil's New Groove. Before that, it had once been transformed into Bowser's dungeon by Joel, in Project 2, using the money Phil gave him to pay the bills (which resulted in him getting evicted and moving into Xover House).

Phil's House is now once again standing and has resumed appearing in pretty much every episode, as Elly was forced to rebuild it as part of her community service in Fibbing. It was burned to the ground by Satan in Phil and Joel IN: "Baby Ballface Must Die", so Joel, Phil and the others moved into a new house in Flame Wars.

It was later rebuilt in Just Passion Through, though there is a large hole in the ceiling of the Living Room, most likely from when the bombs in Depart's All Yours exploded.

Joel, Phil, June, Rya, Jessica, Satan, Checkerboard Nightmare, and Cassidy have resided there.

Rooms in Phil's House