Biography Edit

June Crane was Joel's (possibly) robotic girlfriend from yesteryear. But recently, nobody even knows who she is anymore. Even during her first Bonus Stage appearance in Zombie 2, she was ignored. She is now just the lamp.

June has primarily been out of the picture throughout the series. It was suggested in several episodes that June administers the "Virtual Drawing" machine. It wasn't until Life in the Blast Lanes that she was given a brief opportunity to call attention to how everyone was forgetting about her and dismissing her as an inanimate object.

The show's continuity has been tweaked as of Revenge of the Pathetic to suggest that June isn't a robot after all and was just pretending to be to gain sympathy. She states that Joel had some reason to be embarrassed of her in public, hence the ignoring of June for most of the show's run.

In High Score, June seemed to have an attraction to both Joel and Phil, but that issue hasn't really made an appearance in Bonus Stage. She's still Joel's girlfriend, nominally at least, and in Phil's Crazy-Ass Journey she flirted with Phil briefly.

June did not appear to have a problem with Joel's relationship with Jessica. In fact, she seems to accept that there is now a love triangle in First Cursh. However, in Just Passion Through, June clearly objects to the fact that Joel has an ex-wife.

Recently, June appeared to be trying to get people, possibly those that would have a romantic interest in Joel, to quit the show. First there was Rya in Ryaconning and then there was Elly in Flame Wars. She also indirectly succeeded in getting Jessica to quit in Depart's All Yours.

June suddenly vanished into thin air (mid-sentence) in Bonus Stages as the result of Phil messing with the history of the show. Some have theorized, however, that June was merely teleporting out of the simulation in an attempt to save the series from destruction. (It is also possible she disappears because Phil, who she was imitating at the time, disappeared and there was no longer any reason for her to be in the scene dressed as Phil). She travels back in time with Brad and Elly in Fission Mailed to stop Joel from committing suicide and erasing Bonus Stage's history, but is unable to get a word in because he fails to recognize her.

Fun Facts Edit

  • June apparently has bluish-gray eyes, as shown in Ryaconning.
  • A couple of times, June seems to flirt with Phil - including once in High Score and once in Phil's Crazy-Ass Journey.
  • June is one of only two main characters who has not died so far, the other being Cassidy, and is also the character to have survived the most amount of episodes.

Also Known As... Edit

  • June (High Score)
  • Anti-Phil

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