Jessica Argus. Phil's stupid hot momma. Poorly characterized, poorly designed, she's got it all. Currently going very insane.

Biography Edit

Jessica is Phil's mom. She came to live with Joel and Phil in First Cursh. Originally, she was an overly-religious zealot who felt that Satan had plagued them. When she reached Phil's house in Get Baccurs, Evil activated the Sitcom Reactor, making everyone in the neighbourhood several years younger. The Sitcom Reactor's effects were soon reversed and everyone returned to their former selves--except for Jessica, who remained hip, young, and sexy.

Following their introduction, Jessica and Joel soon began to form a relationship. While Phil made it a point to remind Joel to treat Jessica properly, it was Jessica who frequently took advantage of the relationship. It began innocently enough, with tea parties and the meaningless exchange of useless trinkets. But soon she was dragging him around and spending all of his (actually Phil's) money.

In Evil's New Groove, Phil describes her as being the only person he knew who was worse than Joel. She's lazy, careless, and inconsiderate. During Ficus Group, Jessica briefly reverted to her old personality. However, she wasn't sure which personality she should maintain. In the end, Jessica opted for just letting loose.

Beginning with Who Shot Mr. Malice, Jessica appeared to be losing her mind due to either cabin fever, her Age Destablization, the shot she took from Rya in Ficus Group, or the powers she gained from the Cup of Infinity in Fight Cup. Or maybe because of her "lack of popularity".

In Depart's All Yours it was revealed how she came into the virtual world. Joel had hit her on the head in the real world and dragged her into the cartoon to fulfill his MTV Films-quality fantasies. Later on in the same episode, she teleported herself out of the simulation with her watch, claiming that she had to go teach soccer camp.

Like Rya, she has been officially removed from the cast in the opening credits. Unlike Rya, she does not appear to be dead.

Jessica is the one of the few main characters that has never gone through an official redesign, unless you count her transformation from pusher of Bibles to pusher of controller buttons. Jessica is also the only major female character to have been voiced exclusively by Matt Wilson, even after the arrival of Kagome just before Season 7.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Jessica has died five times so far.
  • Her eye color seems to be green, according to Joel vs. the Monobrow.
  • Jessica also has an obsession with old SEGA games. According to her, the best Genesis game ever is Dynamite Headdy. Joel agrees.
  • She's also a vegetarian, and eats salad at McWorld, much to Joel's disbelief.

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