Fred The Monkey is a webtoon by JKR, who also created Cubetoons, the comic. The webtoon includes Fred, the main character, S.C., whoes name is an acronym for "Space Chicken", which is also his species, and Sceb, whoes name is an acronym for "Space Chicken's Evil Brother". The series is mostly based on editing the website and is also about the current events in the real world. The website also has an animated mailbag, which is ran by Sceb. The website is updated Every friday, although it only has 38 mailbags since 2002

Fun factsEdit

  • is very cash-broke, according to the series.
  • S.C. is the main editor of the website, because everybody else is lazy.
  • The website was born in 2003 and it recently celebrated it's 5th birthday on October 1, 2008.

External linksEdit

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