Biography Edit

Evil was the main villain in Bonus Stage, up to the point in Evil's New Groove, where he was revealed to be Elly in disguise. His/her first appearance is in the opening credits in E Quest, of the High Score episodes. Then, he appeared as a villain in Superphil, the fourth HS episode. Despite his oafishness, comical behavior, minor incompetence, and slightly less-than-evil attitude, Evil is a formidable villain who often gives Phil and Joel a hard time.

He first appeared in BS in the episode Virtual Combat as the owner of an MMORPG, which had very bad netcode. Evil trapped the people inside of it, including Joel and Phil, who eventually escaped. He was also seen in Cursory Glance, where his glasses were cracked and Phil was brought to his lair to get him some new ones. In Get Baccurs, Evil activated the Sitcom Reactor, causing Jessica to become younger, and stole the final World Gem from Joel. Evil also kidnapped everyone except June, Satan, Phil, The Action Squad Detective Force, Keen, Phil's Friend, and Black Nightlight in Evil's New Groove. Plus, he developed the HateBender. With all the talk of Evil it is assumed that maybe Elly wasn't the first Evil, as he made a lot of references that wouldn't fit Elly. Others assume it was to confuse the viewers and characters.

Evil returns in Revenge of the Pathetic, in which he seems confused when Joel refers to him as Elly. He does not, however, specifically deny being Elly, nor does he correct Joel and Phil when they refer to him as being female. His evil scheme involves the Hat Laser, which in theory destroys hats but in practice turns people into hats. In Ryaconning, Elly tells Phil that after her identity being revealed, she got over being Evil. After that it remained unclear who Evil really was, but in Joel Fights Crime, Phil Rewrites Time, Malcolm was revealed to be under Evil's suit. June explained this by saying that Malcolm probably got into the suit by accident. Matt later explained that Cassidy set Malcolm up as Evil to frame Elly.

Age and Evil's Identity Edit

In the original comic-strip continuity, Joel and Phil are in their mid-twenties, but Elly and Evil are both sixteen years old, which suggests that Elly may have been meant to be Evil the whole time. Evil still shows signs of being a teenager in Bonus Stage (having to go to band practice, being caught "taking a walk in the bathroom" by "his" parents), but in the old, but still more recent, High Score character guide, all the major characters, Elly included, are listed as being about the same age, all in their late twenties(Evil is not listed, but Candice's occupation is listed as "Evil," which is probably just in reference to the fact that she was a supervillain. June's age is listed as "??"). The teenager identity could simply be a part of Elly's ruse, or it could be an indication that Elly was not always Evil.

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