DICE The Cube That Changes Everything is a webtoon that is on Translated: LINE webtoon and Original Language: NAVER and is about this High-School Korean breadboy, born without good looks, sport skills, height and brains. However, a transfer student comes to the school, Perfect Looks, Perfect Sports, Tall and also is smart.

Dongtae, the main character, follows this transfer student, "Taebin" and gets asked a question... "If you could change everything, will you do that?", proceeded by "Will you play a game?". This fantasy webtoon about chance and change will question your philosophy.


Eng Chapters: 175+

Ko Chapters: 200+

Author: Hyunseok Yun

Original Language: Korean

All Translations: Chinese, Russian, Italian, German, French, Turkish, Taiwanese, Czech, Persian, Polish, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Indian, Swedish

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