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Two crazed Earth administrators let loose a dimension hopping cube that transports anything in its path into alternate worlds. Joel and Phil get caught in its crossfire.
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Episode 7
Aired January 9, 2004
Places Phil's Living Room
The Kitchen
The Dining Room
Sengoku-era Japan
Fanboy's Room
New Jersey
The Moon
The Courtroom
Characters RD and DG
Fan Boy
The Ninjudge
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{Inside Phil's House, Joel sits, meditating, without his hat on and with a blue cube on his head.}

JOEL: The time cube is all, and sees all.

{Cut to Phil in the doorway.}

PHIL: Oh man. For the last time, time cube is not a religion.

{Cut to Joel.}

JOEL: Please, I have no time for people who are educated stupid. {He holds out a card.} Here's the website. If you know what that is. And you don't. I know you don't.

PHIL: This religion won't last a week, just like last time.

{Cut to Phil sitting on a couch, and Joel next to him in a worm costume.}

JOEL: the future.

PHIL: No it's not.

{Zoom-in to Phil. A banana hits his head and bounces off.}

PHIL: Did you just throw a...banana at me?

JOEL: {off-screen} Yes.

{Cut to Phil and Joel in the kitchen.}

PHIL: Well, as long as you're on the brink of STUPID, maybe you can tell me what's up with the fridge.

{Cut to Joel looking in the fridge}

JOEL: What? I don't see what's wrong. Water, OJ, purple stuff. Wait, we have purple stuff?

PHIL: Joel.

JOEL: This is incredible awesomeic!

{Cut to Phil.}

PHIL: I'm referring to that cube-shaped object that's...glowing and floating next to the gallon of milk.

{Pan out to see Joel standing next to Phil. He has purple stuff on his face.}

JOEL: Mmmhmm. Purple liquid perfection, with a refreshing poison aftertaste.

PHIL: Are you listening to me?

JOEL: I don't listen just 'cause the cool people are doing it. I'm an individual.

{Cut to Phil and Joel in a different room}

PHIL: So, we're just going to ignore the cube.

JOEL: If we give it attention...then...the terrorists win.

{The cube appears with a "blip" sound. It starts vibrating up and down.}

{Cut back to Phil and Joel. Joel is moving towards the cube.}

PHIL: What the?

JOEL: That's an imposter.

PHIL: So why are you moving towards it?

{Phil starts moving too.}

JOEL:'s...interesting. My religion betrays me again!

{There is a flash of white light and then it cuts to a Megaman-esque world. The word "Ready" appears and flashes and Phil appears, Megaman style, in 8-bit glory.}

PHIL: Joel, where are you?

{Phil runs forward and jumps through a door, Megaman style. Joel drops down. He starts moving his hands.}

PHIL: Good, Joel, you're here. That thing sent us into another dimension! We have to get out of here somehow, before the fabric of the universe starts to unravel and everything starts getting...weird...and referential.

{Joel pulls out his arm and it's a giant blaster.}

PHIL: Eee!

{The cube appears and there is another "blip" and white light. There is now Inuyasha-esque music playing and an Elly in Kagome's white and green clothes appears. Then Joel in Inuyasha's clothing, and Phil in Miroku's purple clothes and staff. Then Joel on a cliff, which shrinks and goes to the corner, and Joel with a hot dog, and Joel in a shoe appear next to them. Zoom out to show this on a laptop. An anime fan is sitting in a chair.}

FAN BOY: Oh goodness. This is my favorite episode ever. I'm gonna go onto the email and, uh, here we go.

{Shows an email service.}

FAN BOY: {types as he says it.} This series {spells it "sieres"} is to.

{Clicks "send".}

FAN BOY: Okay. Now I'm going to go onto the message board. {Goes to a site that says "The Emo Board"} Oh...emo foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. {burps}

{Cut back to the Inuyasha parody}

PHIL: Joel, you have the power to stop this. So stop it already!

JOEL: {In a different voice} I don't know what you're talkin' about.

{Elly gets closer to him}


{A stick figure pops up with a speech bubble that says "LOL". The cube appears again and blips them off in another flash. Joel is a Bullwinkle-esque figure, and Phil is Rocky-esque, and they are falling through the sky.}

NARRATOR: Our heroes are woefully whisked away to a destination in the nation that they cannot determine.

JOEL: {In a deeper voice} Gee Phil, this is actually kinda nice.

PHIL: {In a higher voice} Hokey smokes! I think that's about to change!

{Phil points down and the camera switches to show they are falling towards New Jersey, which is marked "new jersey".}

NARRATOR: Indeed, Phil's interjection was correct, as the hapless humans plunged towards American soil with no way to stop the fall!

{They land on a beach. A few seconds later, there is an explosion that makes a "pssshh" sound.}

NARRATOR: Find out in the next episode {Appears on screen} Beach Blanket Bungle {The words appear on a beach blanket} or {appears on screen} The Sands of Crime. {Appears on pebbles in the sand. Another white light and noise. Phil and Joel are now girls, with hair and boobs.}

PHIL: {In higher voice} Uh. I'm not going there.

JOEL: {Also in higher voice} Would...would you do it if I paid you?

{There is yet another flash and noise. Now Phil (the girl) and Joel (Inuyasha) are standing there.}

PHIL: Aw, this is what I was talking about! The fabric of space and time is getting ripped apart, and it won't be long before we get-

{Another flash and noise later, Inuyasha Joel and regular Phil are standing on the edge, and Walky is in the middle.}

PHIL: Oh no, please put us in a better crossover.

{Another flash and noise later, the normal house is shown, snow falling.}

PHIL: {Off-screen} Finally!

JOEL: {Off-screen} Man, I'm glad that's over. {Cut to inside the house, Joel and Phil are colored in with colored pencils and wavy looking} Yeah, so, uh-

PHIL: Yeah.

JOEL: So uh, what-what should we do?

PHIL: I dunno.

JOEL: And 'cuz you know-

PHIL: Yeah.

JOEL: I didn't realize that we were, you know-

PHIL: Right.

JOEL: You know-

PHIL: Yeah. I know what you're talking about.

JOEL: You know, I mean, I was just thinking that we could go...uh, over to the uh...

PHIL: I'm thinkin' it.

JOEL: Over to the uh...the uh...minimart?

PHIL: Yeah, totally. I'm totally...up for that.

JOEL: Where'd that cube come from, anyway?

{Now the house is all inverted. Joel is wearing a yellow shirt and green pants, and is on the upside down floor. Phil is grey and sticking out of the side.}

JOEL: Well, it's good to be back...for real.

PHIL: ...and only ten dimensions later.

JOEL: My favorite was the monkey one.

PHIL: Yeah, I bet.

JOEL: Is that a racist comment?

PHIL: What?

JOEL: {With really big mouth} SUIT!

{Cut to a court room, with a Rusty Duck Clan Member as the judge}

THE NINJUDGE: Mr. Argus, you are hereby stripped of all your worldly goods.

{Cut to Phil and Joel}

PHIL: Alright, here's thirty-five bucks.

JOEL: Thanks.

PHIL: Don't mention it.

{Credits roll}

Easter EggsEdit

  • Click on "Or is it" at the end for more of the Anime Fan.

Easter Egg TranscriptEdit

FAN BOY: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr{And so on}rrrrrrrI like pizza.

Fun FactsEdit


  • This episode was originally preceded by a RD and DG skit, which explained the origin of the Timecube.


{We open with a still of ToonZone, with a subtitle beneath it reading "Toon Zone - Tuesday, 2010". From there, we fade to two figures, RD and DG, standing in a lab. RD is looking at a screen that reads, "Earth's Temp Core", with "Warning - Unstable" flashing underneath it.}

RD: Hey, uh... this kinda looks... dangerous. I think we should maybe, like, look into it... I dunno.

{DG slides on-screen out of nowhere, holding the cube and screaming.}

DG: {while cube is vibrating with its whooping sound} SPRIIING BREEEEEAK!!!

{Fade to white}

  • Originally, this episode contained a blatant (and digital) crossover with the Mooninites, of Aqua Teen Hunger Force fame.


PHIL: Oh no, please put us in a better crossover.

{Cut to Phil on the moon}

PHIL: Oh, no. I said a BETTER one.

IGNIGNOKT: What's wrong with ours? Ours is a digital crossover.

ERR: We are crossing over into the digital nation!

IGNIGNOKT: And our digital nation is a nation of sharing.

ERR: We will break your arms and sell them to the Swedes!


{The cube appears and flashes. Cut to the "Home Movies" parody.}

  • There was also a different ending that linked to the RD and DG skit earlier in the episode.


JOEL: Where'd that cube come from, anyway?

{We cut to the still of ToonZone, with a subtitle beneath it reading "Toon Zone - Tuesday, 2010". From there, we fade to RD and DG, standing in a lab with the screen that reads, "Earth's Temp Core", with "Warning - Unstable" flashing underneath it, still behind them.}

DG: That was the best Spring Break ev- {The lab explodes, sending RD and DG flying.} OH-CRAP!

{Ending Credits}

Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • The website is real, and includes the quote "Dumb students are educated stupid."
  • Joel dressing up as a worm and throwing a banana at Phil is a parody of the popular multiplayer strategy computer game, Worms. The Banana Bomb was a particularly nasty weapon that would explode and then send out a number of smaller explosive bananas.
  • JOEL: Water, OJ, purple stuff...
    • This is a reference to an old Sunny Delight commercial. Apparently, kids enjoy that more than purple stuff.
  • "If we give it attention, then the terrorists win."
    • A reference to speeches made by George W. Bush urging people to go about their everyday lives without fear of terrorism.
  • The list of crossovers, in order: MegaManInuYashaRocky and BullwinkleIt's Walky!Aqua Teen Hunger Force (v.1), and Home Movies.
    • Some of these are Adult Swim shows; this is probably due to Matt's self-admitted emulation of their type of comedy back when this was made.
  • Joel's cannon during the MegaMan parody seems to be similar to the weaponry used in the MegaMan Battle Network series. However, Matt has gone on record saying that he found contempt for the series during the fight tutorial of the first game.
  • Originally the music playing in the background of the InuYasha parody was the actual InuYasha theme music (Hitomi's "I am"). It was later replaced by a similar-sounding Robot Sock piece.
  • The shoe that Joel-u-asha seems to be in is a 'Kuribo's Shoe' from Super Mario Brothers 3 and might be a dig at the cartoon series for that game, Adventures of SMB3, which featured the shoe in its credits only for it to show up once throughout the series.
  • The fact the fanboy was watching the InuYasha parody on a PC laptop (complete with washed out sound) seems to be a dig at people who watch unlicenced anime via fansub. Though, the lack of subtitles and English dialoge seems to sugest that this is a movie file of an actual english episode which, in a matter of fact, is even more illegal.
  • "Beach Blanket Bungle" is a parody of Beach Blanket Bingo (, a 1965 beach movie starring Frankie Avalon.
  • "The Sands of Crime" is a parody of "The Sands of Time", which could be the 1998 novel by Sidney Sheldon, or the Prince of Persia game of the same title.
    • Both of these references are a parody on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show's ending style.
  • The last crossover is a parody of Home Movies and its voice acting style, or lack of thereof.

Fast ForwardEdit

  • The background music that plays when Phil and Joel are in the Megaman-like world would later be used in Robo Rya (in the last level and the boss battles).