Biography Edit

Craig is one of Joel and Phil's neighbors. He talks slow, and usually can't get words in. He was married to Rya for a short period of time, but unknown actions by Evil (believed from Evil's New Groove to have something to do with forging of photos) led to a divorce. Even after they had a child together, he didn't realize that she was a robot until Phil mentioned it, although the hole pierced in his nether regions when they 'counted the sheep' should have been a hint. Craig hates Mondays and Phil, but likes eating babies, and furniture (more than a man should). Like Phil, Craig is of Irish descent. He often appears in odd places, such as a pirate ship (which he supposedly owned) and once onboard the eShip (and was even killed there by Phil's Invention), but would be seen in a later episode back on Earth with no explanation given. He was, and may still be, a mailman in Charismaville. In the first episodes he appeared, he talked slower and his mouth moved faster, while ironically, it's vice-versa in newer episodes. We find out in Slim's Choice that he actually has a soul voice, which would have been useful in helping to sell his newly-recorded CD. He has an addiction to shopping, as evidenced in Virtual Diary, Evil's New Groove, Slim's Choice, Just Passion Through and Joel Fights Crime, Phil Rewrites Time, in which he runs down the aisles, extremely excited.

He and Slim vanished into thin air during the intro of Bonus Stages due to Phil's meddling with the history of the show. However, he reappears in The FAT of the LAN, meaning all traces of Phil's meddling with history was deleted, due to Joel's Absurd Device. This is possible Slim will return.

Craig is supposedly based on the character Jim from the short-lived WB cartoon Mission Hill.

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