Biography Edit

Brad is the local conman (or is that Slim?) and younger brother of Tim. Brad is also the third character to appear in Bonus stage rather than Elly which is confusing, as Elly is one of the main characters. At the beginning of the series he was five years old, so he would be six now. Brad once tricked Joel out of his car, and replaced it with a cardboard box. Joel promised to take him to Cookie City and play Extreme Exterior Decoration with him (but left on the eShip before fulfilling those promises), and when Elly claims that he's stuck in the world wide web, Brad is ready and willing to save his 'buddy,' so there seems to be some sort of strange friendship between the two, even though Joel can't remember whether he hates or loves him (as stated by his robot in Slim's Choice). He also thinks American Dad is awesome. According to Slim, Brad sounds like a "coked-up Mickey Mouse". Brad also seems to enjoy watching Rya sleep.

In the second remake of Car, Brad, along with Elly and June, arrive from the future in order to talk Joel out of committing suicide and into restoring the old Bonus Stage episodes. They succeed in restoring the old Bonus Stage episodes...before Joel hangs himself anyway.

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