Blockhead is a comic character and the star of a six part Flash series created by William Swain, most cartoons show Blockhead acting strangely or doing incredibly stupid things. Blockhead's art style combines regular Flash with strangely jpg like imaging for an amazingly colorful world.


Blockhead was first created in 1992, when William Swain was in 5th Grade. Blockhead started out as a doodle, but he soon evolved into recognizable form. William says he used the character to mock his art talents in front of his friends, but Blockhead started to grow.

The first comic revolves around Blockhead being attacked by a pack of dogs and falling into pieces, he then tries to recover his limbs. By the usage of saliva, Blockhead gets all his appendages back.

In middle school Spanish class, Blockhead took on the character he is today. Blockhead actually helped William Swain through Spanish class, his adventures stretched from prison to school to even outer space. But his house usually stayed at the center of his idiocy, William Swain kept drawing, then put the comic away, until he went to high school, he thought it was time to grow up.

However, when he got there, he managed three years without Blockhead. But in 1999, Will brought out Blockhead once again, he proceeded to draw ten comic in two weeks. By then, Will had created a totally unique world that combined an adult sense of humor with drawings to make a bland world with the most obnoxious character ever, William then put Blockhead away one more time.

But once again, in 2005, Will decided to learn Macromedia Flash His goal was to create a superhero world with original characters with his friend, Dan Ashe. But Will needed practice, and that practice was Blockhead. Blockhead has become very popular on Newgrounds and has currently 6 episodes, with another in production. However, Blockhead hasn't taken a backseat to the superhero comic, which is still in production.


The cartoon world of Blockhead is filled with many strange and colorful characters, each one has it's own destinct personality. Mostly, the characters are badgered or annoyed by Blockhead.

Blockhead Blockhead is the main star of his world, he is an imbecile and usually wears brown loafers, blue pants, and a red shirt. He also has a bulbous yellow head with two small hairs sticking out the back. Blockhead is highly impressionable and can be told to do almost anything. He seems to have an obsession with tongs and has a dream to be a world famous filmmaker. Although Blockhead appears to be stupid, occasional signs of intelligence do poke through from time to time.

Conscience Conscience is a man who lives inside of Blockhead's skull. He wears a white undershirt with purple pants and slippers. While doing his job, he sits in a chair surrounded by empty bottles of beer. He seems to hate idiots, and much to his dismay, he has to see Blockhead through his life, he desperately tries to teach Blockhead some common sense, but to no avail.

The Neighbor The Neighbor is a woman who lives near Blockhead's house, but it is never defined where. She is a member of M.A.D.D. and appears to have annoyance for Blockhead's nonsense, she first appeared in episode 4.

The German Postal Worker The German Postal Worker first appeared in episode 2 when he was supposed to bring Blockhead his tongs. He speaks with a German accent.

The Officer First appearing in episode 6 this man tries to quell a conflict when Blockhead starts a fight. However, he mostly says: "I will kill every one of you!"

The Old Lady Appearing in episodes 2 and 4, this elderly woman seems to be oblivious to Blockhead's stupidity. In episode 2, she asks for help from Blockhead to cross the street, however, he directs her into traffic instead.

These are all the major characters; more may be developed as the episodes progress.


This is a list of Blockhead episodes so far; most are a few minutes long. They are shown in the order they appeared.

Episode 1: Communication

The pilot episode for Blockhead. This introduces us to Blockhead and Conscience. When the episode starts, Blockhead is sitting on a couch looking at his blank T.V, Conscience tells him he has lived there for 20 years and hadn't payed for cable service.

Conscience then tells Blockhead to pick up the phone, Blockhead treats it like a phone call. Conscience then tells him to stop, Blockhead puts it down. When he picks it up again, Conscience tells him to dial the phone number on the table. When Blockhead asks which number to dial, Conscience tells him: "All of them, in the order they appear. Not backwards, not upside down, dial the numbers." When Blockhead just sits there, Conscience tells him repeatedly to dial the number. When Blockhead finally does, he puts the phone back down on its cradle. When Conscience asks him why he did it, he replied that there was no one home and he got the machine. Conscience tells him that was the automated machine the customers used to activate the service, the doorbell then rings, Conscience tells Blockhead to get it, his face in his hands. Blockhead repeatedly bangs his head on the armrest before answering the door. When he opens it, it's the words "The End", cueing the end of the cartoon.

There is a special Easter Egg in the cartoon, if you look close enough, you can see the clock on top of Blockhead's TV says 12:00.

Episode 2: Home Shopping

Episode 2 starts out with Blockhead walking down a street, he then comes across an old lady who asks him for help to get across the street, Blockhead is eager to comply, but he gets distracted by a signpost. He proceeds to lick it, proclaiming it tastes like dirt. The old lady misinterprets it as a sign of safe passage across the street, and they exchange goodbyes. As Blockhead walks away you can see a car heading towards the old lady.

The episode then fades into Blockheads house, where he is watching a commercial about tongs. Blockhead picks up his phone and dials a random number and asks for a tong. He puts the phone down and sings a few bars from the music in the commercial. The capera then flashes to the inside of Blockhead's skull, where a light clicks on. Conscience walks in and sits on the chair inside Blockhead's head. He asks why Blockhead is so happy and can only wonder what he had done all morning. Blockhead says playtime and that someone left a message for him. When Conscience asks what it is, Blockhead proceeds to blow a raspberry and laugh. Conscience says that no matter how bad he fells about himself, there would always be Blockhead. Blockhead replies, as only he can: "This fat talk is super boring, it's nooooooooooooooooooooow snack time for my face-mouth!" Blockhead then proceeds to jump into the kitchen and open his refrigerator. There he finds watermelon, a boot, a brick, and a knife. (Which he refers to as: Milk, Fish, Bread, and Delicious Jello.) He closes the refrigerator and says it's hungry food and that he needs champion food. He then looks at the toaster and starts to take a bite, but Conscience warns him not to and to have some sense, but Blockhead says that: "It's Toaster time! Toot Toot!" He then takes a big bite and tap dances back to the couch. As he does, the doorbell rings. He says it's his tongs and rushes to the door, dropping the half-eaten toaster. He answers the door and finds a German -American postal worker. He asks Blockhead to sign the postage, but Blockhead just grabs the package and closes the door. As he opens it up, conscience asks if he got more tongs, but instead, he finds a toy mouse. Conscience is surprised, but Blockhead is intrigued, Conscience says he might as well eat the mouse too. But then, the tongs ad comes on. Blockhead tosses the mouse and practically glues himself to the TV screen. Conscience shakes his head while Blockhead slobbers on the screen. As he leaves, the TV goes to static and "The End" appears on the screen.

There are more Easter Eggs in this cartoon, such as the tongs near Blockheads toaster and the school paper with a D- on it.

Episode 3: Distraction

This episode starts with Blockhead pulling up to a drive-thru in a wheelchair. He then presses his face to the window, when someone finally answers, he asks for a Jupiter burger, Space fries, and a Milky Way shake. When the operator replies that they don't have that food, he asks for just a burger and turns down anything else offered. When the burger comes, he smacks it away laughing. He then points at an obese woman near the counter, telling the operator to hide the food. He then speeds away.

The camera then fades in on Blockhead's house and clanging noises are heard, Blockhead is than shown all dirty and he then sits on the couch where a soap opera cones on about teeth. Blockhead appears to be intrigued by the show, but a chipmunk comes and sits making noise on the windowsill. Blockhead is annoyed and asks the chipmunk to stop, but the noise continues, and Blockhead declares: "TV is better than chipmunks." He then runs over to the window and shouts at the chipmunk, he then bats it off the window. Exclaiming that he batted it, Conscience cuts in and sarcastically says that Blockhead saved them. He then asks Blockhead why he is so dirty, Blockhead replies by saying he lost his tongs, Conscience fails to see Blockhead's logic, as he walks back to the couch. Blockhead then says that Conscience is smiling. Conscience denies it, but Blockhead repeats the sentence. And then a nature show comes on, but then Blockhead hears more noises outside. He goes to the window to find children playing in his yard, he tells them to get off his lawn and that he would throw a radish at them. Conscience than says that they should make a leash for Blockhead, or a revolver to "end it" as he said. Blockhead replies by saying "This will be a deadly year for radish" When Conscience says he doesn't understand, Blockhead says he knows who does, and points to the radish. Conscience is annoyed sharply and choses to run a bath and open his veins and with that, he bids Blockhead goodnight. Blockhead appears to be lost without Conscience. He then breaks through his front door, throwing a radish at one of the children, he then runs out into the street, where he gets hit by a car, the camera blacks out before you see any violence.

The only Easter Egg is the appearance of the rope in Blockheads skull.

Episode 4: Guests

This is the Blockhead Halloween episode, even though it takes place in mid-January according to the Blockhead universe.

The episode starts on a rainy night at a psychiatric office, where a psychiatrist is having a session with a patient. The patient says he has a new imaginary friend, when the psychiatrist asks him his name, he says it's Blockhead, when the psychiatrist wants to know more, the patient sits up and says that Blockhead is in the room. Sure enough, Blockhead enters and asks if the ward is the bathroom. The psychiatrist says it's a private session, but Blockhead says it's a private bathroom, he then looks a the psychiatric degree on the wall, calls it stupid painting, and repeatedly hits it with his umbrella, he then assaults the psychiatrist with questions and then says words with the letter F in them, spraying spittle all over the psychiatrist.

When the episode opens onto Blockheads house, he is spraying paint onto the walls. He has also strung spray paint cans and tinsel onto the ceiling. When Conscience asks him why he has done all this, Blockhead says he is getting ready fo Halloween, or as he calls it, "Candy Day" or "Toilet Paper Day". When Conscience says it's January, Blockhead asks Conscience to ask him what he is, when he fails, he says he's the #1 Guy. Conscience is baffled, but Blockhead merely says "Zoom!" Conscience then tells Blockhead to shut up. Then the doorbell rings, Blockhead gets excited and runs to the door. It turns out to be an insurance salesman, Blockhead says it is a cute costume and says he is getting so much candy, he then proceeds to throw tongs at the man, he runs on while Blockhead says: "Don't go away, you'll miss it!" Conscience says sarcastically that Blockhead knows how to get into the spirit of things. blockhead than asks him if his is his conscience, Conscience says to Blockhead who he thought he was, and Blockhead replies a fat, old man. When he asks why Conscience looks like that, he says because that is what Blockhead chose him to look like and because he looks like the painting hanging over his TV for 20 years. Blockhead says he is a beautiful painting. When he asks what a conscience is, he replies someone who hates Blockhead but can't do anything about it, when the doorbell rings a second time, Blockhead is annoyed. It turns out to be a woman from next door, scolding Blockhead for throwing tongs at the salesman. Blockhead replies by slapping her with his tongue, closing the door, he says that this has been a very successful "Ghostmas". Conscience finally gets fed up and tells Blockhead to go have fun, as long as he has zero part of it. Blockhead then replies with intelligence by saying: "Freedom is scrumptious I will now explore this new concept with delicious passion." Blockhead then goes door to door, asking and taking items. When he gets back, Conscience asks if he had a good time, Blockhead said yes. Conscience than stuffs a pistol in his mouth and fires, blowing a hole in Blockhead's skull. Blockhead says it's weird, ending the cartoon.

An Easter Egg is the new Halloween introduction.

Episode 5: The Mission

The episode starts with Blockhead getting on a bus, after asking the woman driving the bus why she even shaves, he walks to the middle of the bus, he is happy that their are other children on the bus. After sitting down, he realizes that he has homework to do, or else the teacher will kill him, he decides the work is too hard, when it's respectively easy addition. Blockhead decides to cheat for the answers anyway. Seeing a child with completed work, he constantly distracts him to look at his paper, he gets fed up, and smacks the child, getting his paper, he then crumples up both pieces of paper and throws them, calling it a paper attack. He then states the ride is amazing, and sticks his head out the window making crazy sounds. He then runs to the back of the bus, a man is driving behind the bus. Blockhead jumps out the back of the bus, landing on the man's car, Blockhead makes funny poses as the car veers out of control.

The episode fades in on Blockhead's living room, when a bus pulls up, Blockhead then comes through the door, cartwheels to the couch, and turns on the TV. There is a commercial on about tongs when Conscience asks how school went, Blockhead says they learned about science. Conscience is annoyed and says Blockhead doesn't go to school, and only gets on the bus every day to annoy people. Blockhead only replies the everyone needs a shooting star. Conscience says that would be nice, sarcastically, of course. He also wishes for a dark fate to overcome Blockhead, Blockhead misinterprets the sentence as "It's getting dark out," and Conscience says it's not, but apparently, he tries to control his anger for a few minutes. Blockhead says he should do something productive with his time, Conscience says that Blockhead doesn't know what productive means. Blockhead says he has to find the good times, Conscience just goes along with it. But he offers a warning, one Blockhead steps out that door, he can't help him. Blockhead says it's a problem, and Conscience needs to keep Blockhead in line, but Blockhead says Lindy Fortune can. Conscience tells him it's good enough and to go away, when suddenly, Blockhead hears a noise outside, he runs out to find an airplane. Blockhead is fascinated by the plane. He then goes inside and grabs some tongs, he then starts pulling nails out of the wall. When Conscience asks what he is doing, Blockhead says he is harvesting nails, and that they are doing well this season. Blockhead then sits back on the couch; Conscience says he thought Blockhead was leaving. When Blockhead doesn't remember, they begin to engage in a shut up match. When Blockhead apologises, Conscience pulls the rope down, shocking Blockhead, Conscience repeats the act, trying to give Blockhead a tumor, this gives Blockhead the thought that it's almost tomorrow. Blockhead says it's the only chance he has left. Blockhead goes outside and walks to a lemonade stand, he then knocks the pitcher off the table, asking the child if she is having fun, when the child says Blockhead ruined her day, Blockhead gets an idea, he then destroys the whole stand. He then makes a copy of the stand, called "Have a Drink, 25c. Blockhead says he is doing incredible loans and savings. An old lady walks by, asking if there is lemonade on the table, Blockhead says it's a glass of [[nails], but the old woman misinterprets it as ginger ale, gives Blockhead a dollar, and drinks it. She then says her mouth is bleeding. Blockhead says he had a productive day, Conscience agrees, then pulls the rope, causing his head to explode.

The only Easter egg is the life preserver in Blockhead's yard.

Episode 6: Field Trip

This episode starts in a dentist's office, the dentis is prepping for his next patient, he asks the nurse to send him in. She sends in Blockhead on a toy cycle. The dentist asks Blockhead to take a seat in the chair. When Blockhead asks what chair, he says the one next to him, and he sits down. He looks at Blockheads mouth with his tools, but before he can see anything, Blockhead eats the tools. The dentist tries again, only this time Blockhead says: "Mmmmph!" the next time he says "Ruffio!" The dentist is puzzled, he tries to ask what they mean, but Blockhead says "Peter Pan!", and the ceiling fan falls down.

The camera then goes into Blockhead's house. Blockhead is watching the news, he then imagines himself as a filmmaker known as Sir. Argigal Womsly Blockhead III, Esquire, M.D. Blockhead is talking about his work. He is starting to laugh too much when Conscience snaps him out of it, the TV is off. He says it will never happen. Blockhead says Conscience has forgotten who is #1. Conscience says he is supposed to help Blockhead any way he can, so he says they are going for a field trip. Blockhead is thrilled; he says the words field trip over and over excitedly. Conscience tells him to shut up. The "field trip" happens to be just a trip to the mall, when Blockhead is walking through. Conscience warns Blockhead not to do anything stupid to make him regret the trip. He is then seen trying on a 1920s hat, when Blockhead asks him what he is doing, he defensively says nothing. A soap opera about teeth comes on in the background. Blockhead is then seen at a lunch counter, where he asks for ground beef, he asks the attendant to us tongs when the attendant asks a questions, Blockhead says: "There coming to stores right now!" Blockhead then flies off, leaving the attendant with a migraine. He then walks through the mall, singing about tongs radio, he then comes to an alcove, and proclaims: "This is where destiny meets funtime!" He stands on a block and quotes Shakespeare badly. He then spies a woman with a floral hat. Conscience warns him not to eat the hat, but he does anyway, the lady asks him to give it back, then a bunch of people stop by, Blockhead says stupid things while more people come closer. The people eventually leave, Conscience asks what went on, and the only comfort he has is Blockhead going crazy rolling on the floor. Conscience then takes a hammer to his forehead, the camera blacks out, of course.

The only Easter egg is Conscience's Hawaiian shirt.

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